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Lawrence Sewer Project
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The Municipal Authority is proposing the construction of Sanitary Sewerage facilities for the Village of Lawrence to provide sanitary sewer conveyance and disposal for residents located in the Village of Lawrence as well as customers currently served in the Teodori service area. Currently, sanitary sewage flows from the Village of Lawrence discharges to wildcat sewer systems, which discharge to eight different discharge points to surface waters that include storm sewers and low-laying areas surrounding Lawrence without treatment.

The Township and Municipal Authority adopted a ACT 537 plan for this project that was approved by the State for improvements in these sewersheds. The project consists of the construction of the new Village of Lawrence Wastewater Treatment Plant, the conversion of the existing antiquated Teodori Wastewater Treatment Plant into a lift (pump) station, and the installation of a sanitary sewer collection system that will serve 288 new customers. This will remove the untreated sanitary sewage discharge and associated pollutant loads from the surface water in the Lawrence area and surrounding streams which includes Chartiers Creek and provide capacity for future growth in this part of the Township.

The Municipal Authority is in the process of applying for a low interest loan through the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority for financing of this project. The Municipal Authority has also applied for several grants to reduce the loan amount on this project which includes Washington County Local Share Account (LSA) grant funding and US EPA grants through US Congress and Senate. A grant of $300,000 has been approved by LSA.

The design and permit phase have been completed and the Water Quality Management Permit from PaDEP have been received. Right Of Way and property acquisition for the project is underway. Bidding of contracts occurred in December 2022. The contracts for Contract No. 21-STP1 Treatment Plant and Lift Station Construction and Contract No. 2017-06 Construction of Village of Lawrence Sanitary Sewers and Appurtenances were awarded in January 2023. Start of construction expected to commence in June 2023 and being complete in late 2024. Residents will connect to the new collection system beginning in once construction has been completed late 2024/early 2025.

  • Rudzik Excavation, Inc. will be off from Friday December 22nd, 2023 until January 2nd, 2024. No construction will be taking place during this time.
  • Rudzik Excavation, Inc. will be working on Industrial Park Road and Federal Street from June 19th, to July 7th, 2023. Please be aware of increased truck traffic and equipment in these areas
  • Larwence residents are asked to make sure that the areas of their properties are free of items where the new lateral connections are being installed by the contractors.
  • The Tap-in Fee is $4500.00 per EDU 
  • Links for financial aid resources available for payment of tap fees and installation of my sewer lateral.
  • Lawrence Overall Exhibit
  • Lawrence FAQs
  • Lawrence Sewers Project Schedule

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